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Winners of the Big Trick

Pomerelle Mountain - Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners of the Big Trick Competition!

Pomerelle's Big Trick Competition was held Saturday, February 12th. Each competitor made three runs over two jumps, and were judged on trick, style, height and landing. Winners were chosen based on the best trick of all three runs.

Skiers - Ages 17 and Up 

1st - Michael Westfall,   3rd - Dustin Williams  

(Not Pictured: 2nd - KJ Redder)  


Skiers - Ages 16 and Under 

2nd - Hayden Cowden,   1st - Nick Redder,   3rd Cash Redder

Boarders - Ages 17 and Up

2nd - John Hamilton,   1st - Josh Draper 


Boarders - Ages 16 and Under 

2nd - Daniel Freiburger,   1st  - Carson Hawker

  • New Snow: Star Party Saturday!"
  • Base Depth: "
  • Top Depth: "

10th Annual STAR PARTY this Saturday! No lift service this date. The Star Party will be held at the Pomerelle Lodge as we did last year.
Our Slope Side Grill will be open and ready for big appetites!

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