Last Updated: Closed! What a phenomenal winter season!
Groomer's choice.
Groomed Runs
X 1 Green.  MAGIC CARPET X 14 Blue.  SPRING CREEK  (Night Skiing)
X 2 Blue.  BACKDOOR X 15 Blue.  COLT  (Night Skiing)
X 3 Blue.  FENCELINE 15 Green.  COLT 45 TERRAIN PARK  (Night Skiing)
X 4 Blue.  BULL X 16 Blue.  SIX SHOOTER
X 5 Blue.  STEER     X     17 Blue.  SPUD  (Night Skiing)
X 6 black  STAMPEDE X 18 Blue.  PONDEROSA  
   X     7 black  INSTRUCTOR X 19 Green.  MILK  (Night Skiing)
8 black  LIFTLINE 20 Blue.  YA HOO
9 black  CHUTE #9  21 Green.  GIDDY-UP
X 10  Green.  MEADOW  X 22 Blue.  BURROWS BLVD 
11  black  PUNCH BOWL 23 Blue.  TWIN LAKES 
12  black  NSPS  X 24  Blue.  BUTTERMILK
13 black  BRONC  (Night Skiing) 24 Green.  BUTTERMILK TERRAIN PARK
This trail map is conceptual in nature and generally represents the location and difficulty of ski trails. The classification of ski runs is based on good weather and snow conditions, the degree of difficulty of ski runs may change hour to hour. Grooming activities are constantly in progress on slopes and trails. Use caution.
-Look before you leap!-
  • New Snow: 6"
  • Base Depth: 42"
  • Top Depth: 48"

BIG Snow! Happy Holidays! BIG Snow!

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