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School Program

Pomerelle's mission is to provide families with fun entertainment they can enjoy together. We are grateful to be able to provide students the opportunity to learn and progress at a winter sport, encourage them to incorporate physical activity into their daily life and develop a lifetime sport!  

Ski Club Supervisors:

Please email with the following information and we will get back with you as soon as possible to set your dates.

We will email you a list of students who have signed up after the program is full or before your start date, whichever comes first. Students will leave their cards with the ski club supervisor at the end of the day. On your next trip, the supervisor distributes the cards on the bus, so students with rentals can go straight to the rental shop, upon arrival.

School Name

Perry Pomerelle



Students Birthday

1- Beginner

2- Intermediate

3 - Advanced

How to Purchase: School Program


This is a very detailed step-by-step guide. The process is quicker and simpler than it looks.


Important info before you start:


Parents will need to make an account FIRST to purchase passes for their children. Create your account at You need to create your account first so you can link your children to your account as well as sign their waivers. You can then create an account for each child, and assign their passes to them during the checkout process. Everyone must have a signed waiver and upload a current selfie (no hats or glasses) to your account in order to access the lift. 


If the student does not already have an RFID card they will need to purchase one. They NEED to have it with them to participate in the program. The card is their “ticket” to access the lift. 


Step by step instructions:

  • Go to

  • Read info and then click purchase and then purchase again

  • Go to your school category and select view product

  • Select your school

  • Add RFID card

  • Add rentals if needed

  • Add to Cart

  • Enter permission code (not all schools will have this, most will). Your ski club supervisor will distribute these.

  • Click on continue shopping to add additional passes to your cart

  • Click on sign up (if you haven’t made an account) or login in the top, right hand corner of home page.

  • Enter your (parents) info, then click register/continue

  • Click on "checkout" at the bottom of the page



Step 1/6 - Assign guests to products:

Tip - You can use the same parent email & phone number for all youth accounts

  • Click on assign guest

  • Go to create new guest (dropdown menu toward the bottom of the form), fill in info, click create guest, click complete

  • Repeat #8-9 until all of your family members are added & assigned

  • Click continue


Step 2/6 - Agreement 

  • Click on start process

  • Agree to sections 1-5

  • Check confirm, click agree and submit, then continue


Step 3/6 - Billing Information

  • Create new address

  • Fill in billing info


Step 4/6 - Credit card info

  • Add credit card info and then click add credit card button


Step 5/6 - Review Order

  • Confirm that your items and the order total is correct

  • Confirm that products are not transferable

  • Click Pay Now


Step 6/6 - Confirmation

  • Thank you for your purchase

  • Upload pass photos if you haven’t done so.

School Programs 


All students participating MUST have an RFID Pomerelle Mtn Card to access the lift, as these are our new and improved reloadable lift tickets. They will be pre-loaded with their tickets for the school program.


The following doesn't apply to homeschool & college programs:
If your child already has an RFID card & account please create another account that will be used specifically for ski club. If you don't create a separate account their existing card will be deactivated.


To make a separate account you will put this info in the following fields:

          First Name: School Name                 ( Example Below )

          Last Name: First & Last Name 

If you do not see your school on the e-store, and you know your school is participating in our program, then your ski dates have not been confirmed yet and your school should be posted soon. 

- Name of school (in the subject line)

- Your name

- The dates you would like to come

     - Your preferred day of the week and your second choice if that day isn't available.

     - How many trips

     - What time you plan on arriving & departing   

- The # of students participating

- If you would like to require permission codes to purchase the program. (You will hand these out to your students/parents for them to be able to sign up.)

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