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Pomerelle is now home to one of Idaho’s finest high-altitude disc golf courses.  The 18 hole course is  commonly known as Frisbee golf and Disc golf is as fun as it is challenging.

What is Disc Golf? Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc. The sport shares with "ball golf" the object of completing each hole in the fewest number of strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest number of throws). The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the "putt" lands in the basket and the hole is completed. It is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, male and female, regardless of economic status. 

Our course starts at 9,000 feet and winds along the mountainside for 18 holes.  The front 9 holes are on the Triple Chairlift side of the mountain and the back nine are on the Double Chairlift side.  Elevation and the varied terrain add extra elements to your game.  

Ride the Triple Chairlift to get to the first hole of both the front nine and the back nine holes. See disc golf rates below. The course is free for those who choose to hike.  Remember to pickup your scorecard  with lift ticket purchase.  The resort offers a  complimentary “practice basket” located at the base of the mountain. 

Disc Golf Helpful Hints

You can provide your own discs, or they can be rented at Resort Day Lodge.

Sometimes discs can become lost - please label them with your name and contact information.

Lost discs, if recovered, can be picked up at the Day Lodge.

Sturdy hiking shoes or boots are recommended to play this course.

Be prepared for changing weather by wearing appropriate clothing.

Caution: Please tread lightly around fragile alpine flowers and always make sure fairways are clear before throwing. 

Lift Ride Rates
Adult Single Ride $10
Youth Single Ride  (Ages 7 - 12) $ 6
2 Rides (same person) 

For additional Summer Lift Ride Rates click here.

Disc Rental

$7  for 2 or 3 discs 

with a $5 security deposit on each disc, refunded on return of discs.  


  • New Snow: "
  • Base Depth: 101"
  • Top Depth: 107"

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