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We want you to make the most of your time here at Pomerelle, and now its never been easier!  Brand New for the 21/22 season we’ve brought the latest in RFID technology onboard to help you streamline your experience at the mountain!  


When you activate your New RFID card, you’ll have instant access to reload your pass from any browser or mobile device! Never stand in line again waiting for a sticky wicket.  


Purchase Rental equipment online, scan your card at the rental shop and we’ll have your equipment ready for you.


Dropping the kids off for the day but don’t want them to loose your credit card or cash? Preload your RFID card with food vouchers, for them to use.  


Don’t wait for the snow to fly, sign up for your RFID card today!

*Season pass purchase includes an RFID card. All guests must have an RFID card for lift access. It is a ($5) one time purchase unless lost/replaced.




Peak Experiences

I am biased. Pomerelle is where I discovered the joy of powder, so I am very fond of it. But I don't think I am alone in saying this - Pomerelle is well known for outstanding snow conditions. And nestled among the remote Albion Mountains in southern Idaho, you will have many opportunities to ride fresh powder after a big snowfall. Pomerelle belongs to that special category of ski resorts that stubbornly stays behind the times. There are no flashy condo developments, and no high-speed detachable lifts. The lodge is very basic in both its appearance and services. Personally, I consider these things to be assets. Pomerelle is not a tourist trap. The people who go there want to ski, not go shopping for Gucci handbags and hang out in the heated swimming pool. If you like mom-and-pop ski areas as much as I do, then you will love the laid-back atmosphere at Pomerelle. This is not an especially large area, and the slopes are not especially challenging. Overnight accomodations are few, and a fair drive from the resort itself. The access road is steep and winding, so be very careful after a big dump. If you find yourself a little frazzled from skiing at Idaho's famous Sun Valley and want to get away from the bustle, give Pomerelle a try. You won't be disappointed.

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